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Passive filter manufacturers explain the principle analysis of anti-interference filter

With the rapid development trend of electronic information technology and the rapid improvement of electronic products, the electromagnetic induction natural environment is becoming increasingly vicious, and many electronic products cannot work normally in this kind of electromagnetic induction natural environment.
Filter is the most widely used way of anti-interference, it is mainly based on the power circuit channel directly into the influence, according to the data signal and electromagnetic interference in the middle of the frequency difference, the selection of different characteristics of the filter, the suppression of electromagnetic interference, improve the modular design.
What are the anti-interference filters?
The manufacturers of passive filters have summarized this for you.
1. Data filter
Data filters are widely used in discrete systems because of their relativity with analog filters.
Its function is to use the characteristics of discrete variable time system to input data signal wave pattern or frequency to carry out production processing solution.
In other words, the input data signal is changed into a certain output data signal, so as to achieve the goal of changing the data signal band.
2. Low pass filter
Low-pass filter refers to the power circuit in the car amplifier that can allow the low-frequency data signals to be based on, but not the middle-high frequency data signals to be based on. Its effect is to filter out the medium-high and high-pitched components in the analog signals and improve the bottom sound components to drive the bottom sound module of the speaker.
Because the vast majority of on-board power amplifiers are all full-frequency power players, the AB class enlargement design scheme is generally selected, and the output power consumption is relatively large. Therefore, filtering out low-frequency data signals and promoting only medium and high frequency speakers is the best choice to save output power and ensure sound quality.
In addition, high-pass chip filters are often paired with low-pass filters, either to send a certain sound frequency to the right module.
3. Bandpass filter
An ideal filter should have a completely flat passband, i.e., no gain value or attenuation coefficient in the passband, and all frequencies outside the passband are completely attenuated by the attenuation coefficient. In addition, the transformation outside the passband is performed in a very small frequency range.
In fact, there is no idealized bandpass filter.
The filter is not able to completely remove the attenuation coefficient of all frequencies outside the expected frequency category, especially when there is another attenuation coefficient outside the required passband that is not protected.
This is generally called the rolling drop state of the filter and is indicated by the attenuation coefficient dB per ten octavos.
In general, the design scheme of the filter ensures that the narrower the rolling range is, the better, so that the characteristics of the filter are closer to the design scheme.
Little did they know that as the rolling area became smaller and smaller, the passband became more and more uneven – just beginning to appear “wavy”.
This type of situation is particularly significant along the edge of the passband, and this type of utility is called the Gibbs condition.
4. Simulation analog filter
Simulation analog filter is a common conversion device in detection system software or special instrument equipment.
For example, the bandpass filter is used as frequency selection equipment in the spectrum analyzer;
Low pass filter is used as anti – frequency mixing filter in analog signal data analysis system.
High-pass chip filter is used to remove low-frequency influence noise in acoustic emission inspection instrument.
A band-stop filter ACTS as a notch in a vortex vibrator, these.
5. Surface acoustic wave filter
Surface acoustic wave refers to the propagation of sound frequency on the surface of polyurethane elastomer. This wave is called ductile surface acoustic wave.
Surface acoustic waves travel about 100,000 times faster than radio waves.
Surface acoustic wave filter is to choose quartz resonator, piezoelectric ceramic pieces and piezoelectric material, using the piezoelectric effect and acoustic surface wave spread characteristics of physics and a filter is made of special components, widely used in high frequency power supply circuit, television and video cameras instead of LC high frequency filter, the image and sound quality further improved.
6. Material filter
Material filter is made by using the characteristics of material structure ceramics, such as low loss, high relative dielectric constant, low frequency temperature coefficient and linear expansion coefficient, and can bear large power, etc. It is composed of vertical multi-level ladder lines connected or connected in series by multiple long resonators.
7. Digital amplifier power engineering filter
Digital power amplifier power engineering filter is a kind of dynamic suppress harmonic current and reactive power compensation of power engineering electronic system, it can change of frequency and size of the harmonic current and reactive power compensation, to fill the defect of passive filter, get stronger than passive filter compensation characteristics, is an ideal equipment to compensate harmonic current.
Above is the summary of passive filter manufacturers for you, looking forward to helping you.