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Schottky diode in all kinds of electronic products occupies very important position, especially in high power, low pressure drop of the schottky diode, is indispensable in the high power electronic products. Power power supply in the schottky diode and fast recovery diodes, the two tube is inside the power supply is be short of one cannot, so be familiar with and master the schottky diode and quickly restore diode specific performance, characteristics, using range and so on, is a design and production of electronic products plays a very important position, with the rapid development of electronic industry and constantly in the industry puts forward new requirements for electronic components, so the electronics industry has been adopting new materials, new technology and continuously launch new products.

With schottky diode in the environment is more and more fierce competition in the electronics industry, electronic market rapidly changing business and technology challenges, ling will be relying on their own advantages, to provide online trading, in electric business platform, scattered to vast and domestic market coverage to the geographical limitations difficult to contact customers; Make the customers through the network platform awareness of ling of centralized purchasing, reduce enterprise purchase cost, help customers to overcome the challenge. Ling – for the electronics industry engineers and procurement staff provide the simplest and most efficient, the fastest response speed and quality of the best procurement scheme and design scheme of electronic components.